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Remote Sales Position: Home-based Work, Extensive Training, Bonus, No Cold Calls


Company: The Max Spencer Co.
Expected salary:
Location: San Rafael, CA
Vaga de Remote Sales Position: Home-based Work, Extensive Training, Bonus, No Cold Calls

Job description: Currently, we are not hiring International candidates.

We take immense pride in our company’s achievements. For two consecutive years, Entrepreneur Magazine has honored us with the esteemed title of a Top Company Culture. Notably, our employees have consistently given us exceptional ratings on platforms like Glassdoor and Indeed. Our recent feature in Forbes underscores our prominence, and our streak of being recognized as one of the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies for six consecutive years speaks volumes.

Our proposition stands on a solid foundation. We offer a proven system coupled with an unparalleled opportunity for individuals seeking to advance their careers. This specific role operates under the classification of a 1099 independent contractor position. Sales representatives who have adhered to our established system have achieved earnings exceeding $150,000 in their inaugural year.

Moreover, a noteworthy Training Bonus awaits. Fresh recruits stand to gain up to $30,000 in cash bonuses, in addition to commissions, within their initial 120 days, contingent upon performance benchmarks.

Our distinctive strengths encompass:

– A concentrated work schedule spanning 3-4 days.

– Access to a comprehensive online interactive training and support system, provided free of charge.

– An absence of cold calls, as our in-house warm lead generation takes center stage.

– Swift commission disbursements – no undue waiting periods (note that this position is strictly commission-based).

– Best-in-class technological tools to streamline the sales process, again, at no cost.

– Uninterrupted mentorship from accomplished business partners, fostering professional growth.

– The annual offering of multiple all-expense-paid incentive trips to diverse international locations.

Eradicating the need for conventional office spaces, tiresome commutes, and mandatory meetings, we champion a work style that revolves around productivity and personal enjoyment.

Responsibilities entail:

Collaborating closely with mentors and as part of a cohesive team, the role of our sales representatives is straightforward:

Our company receives inquiries from individuals across the nation, seeking insights into various insurance coverage options. Agents engage with these prospects, extracting pertinent information over the phone to gauge their needs. Subsequently, virtual meetings (via platforms like Zoom or phone calls) are scheduled for a more in-depth discussion. Capitalizing on our proprietary tools, agents generate tailored insurance quotes aligned with the prospects’ requirements, ultimately concluding the virtual meeting with successful solution presentation and sales.

Remarkably, the typical sales cycle, from initial contact to commission receipt, spans a mere 72 hours.

Three essential qualities constitute our non-negotiables in potential team members:

– A robust moral compass, reflecting our core value of doing what’s right even in the absence of scrutiny.

– Unwavering work ethic, underscored by a genuine commitment to continual improvement.

– A quality of humility, indicative of one’s openness to mentorship and growth.

If you embody professionalism and an enterprising spirit, brace yourself for an opportunity that promises to exceed expectations. Share your resume and a narrative on why you believe you’re an ideal fit, and we will coordinate interview arrangements.

Please note: This role falls within the scope of a 1099 independent contractor commission-based sales position.

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